Fumanchu, Melbourne

March 31, 2014



Brunch at Fumanchu sometime last year.

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Vintage Charm at Queen St Flower Co.

March 28, 2014


I recently discovered WeTeachMe and after browsing for awhile found this gem. I quickly sent the link to Ting and we both signed up. In typical Ting fashion, we were a little bit late for the class but quickly settled in.
Our lovely instructor then took us through the basics of picking flowers , stripping the leaves and 2 methods of arranging. It was extremely informative and at only 2 hours long, just enough to be fun and enjoy the lesson.

I should mention, I’ve since tried to do my own arrangement at home but it definitely requires more practice.

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Shop by Bravebirdfly Launch

March 22, 2014




Shop by bravebirdfly has launched!
All these designs and stamps were carved over a long weekend, aren’t they the best times to get stuff done?

Have fun shopping and let me know if you have anything designs you’d like to see in my next release!

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Brownpaper Collage

March 15, 2014



I recently hosted a giveaway on Instagram, I had cleared out my drawers and there were a lot of stuff that hadn’t been used so I put them together into kits to giveaway.
If you entered my giveaway, thank you and I’m so happy with the response I got, but why let my winners have all the fun.

I got out these brown paper bags (one get these in the supermarket) and decided to create some collages with loose stickers I had in a box.
I have to admit, some are better than the others but I reckon they turned out pretty well.
I enjoyed myself and I hope the winners of my giveaway will find delight in them too.

If you’re curious as to what’s in the kit, there’s an image at the end of the post with a sample.

Did you enter my giveaway? Are you excited for the arrival of this kit in your mailbox?

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Ombre Rose cake

March 11, 2014


Baked a cake with C last month.
I picked the recipe so I got to do the piping. I watched 2 youtube videos before attempting that and I think it looks rather good, don’t you?

I even put up a video of me piping on Instagram.

We used a recipe from Country Cleaver. 

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