Suzuran Sushi & Jamie Oliver’s panettone bread and butter pudding

December 9, 2011

The best sushi and sashimi in Melbourne can’t be found in a restaurant, you can try and try but it’s not served in a nice joint on a nice tray on a table.

One has to preorder and pick up from the Japanese supermarket, Suzuran in Camberwell to get really fresh, really good sushi sashimi.

The menu on the website is fairly basic so take a stab, but once you get your hands on the hardcopy menu, feel free to go nuts. I’ve done a few orders now to know that they’re usually fairly consistent and the food is always guaranteed to be fresh.

This one occasion was movie night. We ordered the smaller sushi/sashimi platter.
The bigger platter has prawn sushi and it’s the only place I know that uses a double layer of prawn. I should also mention I think this place has the fish to rice ratio perfect.


Also ordered a large serving of Tamago (egg omelette) sushi, if I’m not mistaken, you can specify quantity for seperate orders of sushi. It may look like there’s no rice, but don’t be fooled, the rice is inside a little pocket carved into the bottom of the omelette. Yes, it is the perfect Tamago sushi.


I requested some unagi (eel) sushi, it came with packets of sauce which made it nice and juicy.


Order at least one day in advance for the platters and special order sushis, but if you rock up to the supermarket, they sometimes have little sushi bentos that can be a quick lunch. oh, if you see the inari, grab that, it’s one of my favorites there.

Movie night also deserved dessert, and I decided to make Jamie Oliver’s Panettone bread and butter pudding. My cousin had made one for Christmas dinner the year before and ever since the christmas carols has started, I wanted to make one. Panettone is pretty easy to find in the supermarket this time of year and also makes great leftovers.


You can find the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s Panettone bread and butter pudding here.

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